Hallberg Management Consulting, LLC

# Industry Description
1 Automotive Managed strategic sourcing negotiation and implementation for a big-3 automobile manufacturer as part of their indirect material procurement outsourcing initiative including material handling equipment, lumber and building construction categories
RESULT: $5M+ in annual run-rate savings achieved through formal strategic sourcing process
2 Automotive Developed and implemented vendor and customer reporting metrics / KPI's for procure-to-pay processes of procurement outsourcing operations
RESULT: Established accountability for order discrepancies and fulfillment performance relative to committed service level standards
3 Automotive Devised method to quantify the value (tangible and intangible) of a day within the supply chain order-to-deliver cycle-time
RESULT: Business case were confirmed by financial management and used as basis for future supply chain investments
4 Consumer Products Led strategic sourcing effort of $10M+ in Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) goods for a $500M consumer products manufacturer
RESULT: $1.2M (12%) in annual run-rate savings identified through formal RFP and negotiations process
5 Consumer Products Led competitive benchmarking analysis as part of distribution network design for a $25B+ mobile handset manufacturer
RESULT: Recommended relocation to maximize service levels and minimize operating expenses - client currently executing recommended actions
6 Consumer Products Managed the assessment of distribution center operations and technical architecture for a $500 million consumer products company during their outsourcing conversion
RESULT: Identified root cause of warehouse operational challenges through detailed process analysis - corrective measures approved and implemented
7 Consumer Products Conducted a product-line rationalization study to identify areas for inventory reduction at a $3.6B consumer products corporation with 60,000 SKUs
RESULT: $9M+ in first-year cost savings identified from formal process redesign
8 Consumer Products Designed/implemented new risk management processes for a $3M limited supply logistics project, with an additional $750,000 module to redesign systems for a $9.8B food company with 2,000+ distribution points
RESULT: $400M projected revenue increase from better matching supply to demand
9 Financial Services Sold and directed procurement workstream of pre-transaction close “clean-room” efforts for $20B+ insurance industry merger for temp labor, marketing and commercial print, express mail, furniture and records retention and shredding categories
RESULT: $45M in annual run-rate savings identified
10 Financial Services Part of a global team evaluating the market potential for starting a telecom infrastructure equity fund for Australia’s largest asset manager
Client accepted detailed market analyses and recommendation to discontinue development
11 Food Program Manager for Procurement work stream of a multi-year supply chain transformation, for a North American private label food manufacturer. Direct liaison between HQ and plants in US and Canada, facilitating initial supplier conversion and ongoing contract management
T: Year 1 documented savings of $10M and Year 2 documented savings of $7M from purchase price variance and operational continuous improvement efforts
12 Food Interim Category Manager for a $5B food manufacturer, responsible for leading implementation and driving compliance of newly negotiated supply agreements. Categories included: Indirect Packaging, MRO, Uniforms, and Adhesives
: 25 plants converted 90%+ of spend to preferred suppliers - delivering $9M+ in documented annual savings
13 Food Led supply chain organizational skills and capabilities assessment for a 300+ location, privately held quick service restaurant chain
RESULT: Senior executive approval of new organization structure and transition plan that included three net new supply chain management roles
14 Food Directed US-based efforts of a global procurement assessment for a $2B+ food service operator. Assessment focused on procurement organizational structure, process redesign, technology infrastructure, and supplier relationship management controls
RESULT:  $30M+ in annual run-rate savings identified
15 Food Directed financial planning, accounting and reporting functions for a $48M business unit
RESULT: Established critical performance measures for 15 regional controllers of a $700M region, including vendor performance, customer profitability, cost reduction and product margin
16 Food Appointed to Management Task Force leading the design and nationwide implementation of financial controls and processes for a cooperative venture with Baxter Healthcare
RESULT: Project delivered first year sales of more than $30 million
17 Food Part of a dedicated Post-Merger Integration team for a large US-based manufacturer, that acquired 15+ regional distributors as part of their vertical expansion strategy. Responsible for complete integration of supply chain and financial business functions
RESULT: Successfully completed accelerated integrations, accounting for over $500M in business. Subsequently, completed the rationalization (dis-integration) of one facility with overlapping territories
18 Healthcare Directed 48-person group in the planning and implementation of process improvement and quality programs to key corporate accounts. Developed cost structure, created forecasting model to simulate personnel demand and established sales quotas for a national business group. Managed a $6.5M annual operating budget
RESULT: In consulting roles, successfully delivered operational-improvement consulting engagements in the provider market with client approved case studies used in marketing
19 Healthcare Successfully completed 10 major consulting projects nationwide with focus on reengineering, process improvement and change management.  Clients included Duke University Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, UniHealth, and other large investor-owned and privately held hospitals
RESULT: Projects completed on-time and within budget
20 Healthcare Documented average cost savings per project of $687,000 in labor, operating, equipment and material cost savings.  Launched innovative outsourcing initiatives, reengineered complex logistics management programs, benchmarked core business operations, and introduced sophisticated decision support systems
RESULT: Annual Report used internally for budgeting and externally for marketing
21 High-Tech Managed integrated team of seven consultants, clients and vendor to implement and deploy a global ISP-based eCatalog of IT hardware / software of standard configurations for a $20B+ technology services firm
RESULT: 50+ vendor catalogs representing $700M+ in annual spend loaded
22 High-Tech Developed multiple service offerings related to spend analysis, strategic sourcing, contract management, procure-to-pay optimization and supplier management. Created partnership with world-class eProcurement software provider
RESULT: Augmented client service offerings with industry leading procurement strategy and process capabilities, including a formal methodology, maturity model, sales tools and delivery templates, supported by technology enablement
23 High-Tech Negotiated contingent labor contract covering $54M in annual spend and 1,400+ subcontractors across 20 European and Asian countries for a $15B+ Systems Integrator
RESULT: First year savings of $5.7M (10%) achieved plus significant risk management through favorable legal terms and conditions
24 High-Tech Developed strategic approach and led $15B+ technical services firm through formal sourcing process for contingent labor in Americas.
RESULT: Structured RFI issued to ten global suppliers – results of tender not yet finalized
25 High-Tech Led cross-functional teams to develop new service offerings (strategy, process, IS/IT, outsourcing) for $22B+ Systems integrator
RESULT: Three new offerings rolled out to sales organizations for Innovative Maintenance (targeting Oil & Gas Industry); Shared Services governance (leveraging automation); Field-Service optimization (targeting Telecommunications and Energy industries)
26 High-Tech Provided business process support during implementation of SAP/HR
RESULT: Completed configuration and testing tasks related to HRIS reporting requirements on time and within budget
27 Hospitality – Gaming Team leader of contract compliance and Ariba conversion effort for $5B hospitality enterprise with 30+ US properties
RESULT: Core team of 3 plus extended team of 10 completed contract analyses, evaluated and loaded $10M+ facilities supply agreements into contract management system
28 Hospitality – Gaming Led business case development and organization design of a centralized procurement group for a $5B+ hospitality enterprise with 30+ US properties
RESULT: Secured $4M in funding for over 30 incremental category management and infrastructure staff. Also crafted job descriptions and drove recruiting, selection and on-boarding efforts
29 Industrial Manufacturing Developed program materials and co-facilitated week-long training workshop on Strategic Sourcing for a $2B UK-based industrial manufacturer
RESULT: 20+ sourcing staff trained - received participant satisfaction scores of 9.3 of 10
30 Industrial Manufacturing Led sales order document retention policy evaluation and software selection of a document management application for a $7B+ industrial manufacturer
RESULT: Recommendations for policy changes and software vendor selection and architecture accepted by senior leadership
31 Industrial Manufacturing Led customer sales contract work stream for the Order-to-Cash transformation of a $7B+ industrial manufacturer
RESULT: Recommendations for governance, and automation accepted by legal counsel. Subsequently supported Contract Lifecycle Management software evaluation, analysis and selection
32 Industrial Manufacturing Interim Director of Purchasing for a $500M+ North American ship builder for nine months. Responsibilities included managing strategic sourcing, supply risk management, spend analysis, supplier claims, process and organizational design, and interviewing/on-boarding permanent hire
RESULT: Managed staff of 20+ to secure $10M+ in annual run-rate savings from direct material and services. In addition, $100K+ in vendor claims were recovered
33 Industrial Manufacturing Completed risk assessment of end-to-end supply chain for a $20M+ industrial manufacturer. Scope included product design, project engineering, sourcing/contracting, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and service and repair.
RESULT: Identified moderate to serious risk areas. For each, crafted mitigating strategies and recovery/contingency plans which were subsequently implemented
34 Industrial Manufacturing Completed process redesign and governance structure for the Category Management group of a $4B+ global industrial manufacturer
RESULT: Over 200+ staff trained on new Sourcing and Procurement stage gate process
35 Industrial Manufacturing Completed detailed assessment of direct material sourcing / procurement organization for a North American industrial equipment manufacturer
RESULT: $19M (5%) in annual savings identified through strategic, process, technology, and change management improvement recommendations
36 Industrial Manufacturing Led strategic sourcing effort of $100M+ in facilities management services for the North American region of a global telecom equipment manufacturer
RESULT: $12M (12%) in annual run-rate savings identified through demand management and supply-base consolidation of Tier-2 service providers
37 Industrial Manufacturing Co-delivered three week-long Strategic Sourcing training courses in Scotland, Norway and Houston, for a $4B+, global industrial manufacturer
RESULT: 37 international procurement professionals received corporate certificates of completion. Satisfaction survey results of 9.4 of 10 from attendees
38 Industrial Manufacturing Led planning and participated in 3-day senior executive transformation workshop for a $1B+ North American industrial manufacturer immediately prior to functional blue-printing for implementation of a new ERP package and Engineering Design package
RESULT: Alignment across all functional leaders with over 100+ documented business rules to provide governance structure for multi-year implementation
39 Industrial Manufacturing Part of team supporting business unit and market rationalization effort to reduce 25,000 staff within 90 days, for a $20B+ telecom infrastructure manufacturer that had lost 90% of its market capitalization
Achieved goal on time and within budget of identifying 4,500+ staff in Sales & Marketing area
40 Industrial Manufacturing Managed implementation of new Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) processes to improve supply planning for North American operations of an $11B+ global high-tech manufacturer
RESULT: 20% improvement in forecast accuracy from new process, incorporating external market data
41 Industrial Manufacturing Piloted a market intelligence-based demand planning tool to validate demand forecasts for North American operations of an $11B+ global high-tech manufacturer
RESULT: 70% improvement in forecast accuracy in North America – New process was subsequently deployed to Europe and South America
42 Industrial Manufacturing Managed assessment of US freight transportation for the North American operations of an $11B+ global high-tech manufacturer
RESULT: Identified root causes in gaps in visibility of in-transit inventory leading to service level failures and implemented corrective measures
43 Industrial Manufacturing Led detailed project management of field installation of 100 cellular towers in 100 days in preparation for the 1996 Summer Olympic games for telecom infrastructure manufacturer
RESULT: Successful on-time customer acceptance to meet customer commitment
44 Industrial Manufacturing Planned, created, and piloted decentralized B2B eProcurement program for electronic maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) to support field installation teams of the North American operations of an $11B+ global high-tech manufacturer
RESULT: Customer service levels met with new supply chain model with incremental costs offset by increase in field service productivity
45 Natural Resources Managed a team of 4 in strategic sourcing effort of $120M+ in industrial chemicals for a $20B+ American mining business
RESULT: $5M+ (4%) in annual run-rate savings identified through full tendering process and operational improvements
46 Natural Resources Managed team of 3 to deliver an operational review and rapid sourcing of $50M+ in direct goods and services for a $70M Australian mining business
RESULT: $1.9M (4%) in annual run-rate savings identified through process improvement and renegotiation of incumbent supplier pricing
47 Oil & Gas Provided business process support during implementation of SAP/PP
RESULT: Completed configuration and testing tasks related to procurement requirements on time and within budget
48 Public Sector Managed a team of 6 category managers in a strategic sourcing effort of $900M in IT hardware/software and telecom equipment and services for a large government agency
RESULT: $90M+ (10%+) in annual run-rate savings
49 Public Sector Led strategic sourcing effort of $30M+ in environmental services for the US region of a large government agency
RESULT: $4M (13%+) in annual run-rate savings identified for future contracting through demand management and supply base consolidation
50 Pulp & Paper Led strategic sourcing effort for $40m in direct materials for a $1B+ pulp & paper equipment manufacturer
RESULT: Full tendering process yielded annual savings of $600K
51 Retail Led organizational redesign and policy / governance work stream for the Procure-to-Pay strategy of a 1,000+ store convenience store chain
RESULT: Future state organization design, role descriptions, policies and processes deployed. In addition, new post-merger integration playbook adopted by Procurement and Financial leadership
52 Retail Led strategic sourcing effort of $10M+ in temp labor for a $14B+ North American retailer
RESULT: $1M (9%) in annual run-rate savings from optimizing usage and competitive tendering process
53 Retail Developed and co-facilitated management workshop on best practices and industry trends in procurement for a 2,500+ store North American retail chain
RESULT: Collaborated with 24 client sourcing managers and director to create short-list of actionable imperatives aligned with mission / vision and annual strategic objectives
54 Retail Directed strategic sourcing effort of $25M+ in facilities management services for a 600+ store retail grocer.
RESULT: $2.8M (10%+) in annual run-rate savings negotiated with two incumbent and one new regional service provider.
55 Retail Conducted market and capabilities analysis for a $20B+ retail chain considering expansion into third party logistics
RESULT: Secured approval to develop detailed business plan
56 Services Managed marketing and sales activities for mid-market B2B eProcurement outsourcing start-up
RESULT: Supported numerous business development efforts as functional subject matter specialist during sales cycle
57 Services Developed expertise in the design/delivery of advanced technologies, strategic planning models, sophisticated financial analyses and competitive marketing strategies. Completed engagements in the manufacturing, utility, banking, transportation and defense industries.  Clients included Chicago World's Fair Authority, a metropolitan art museum, consumer products manufacturer, utility provider, banking, transportation and defense
RESULT: All Projects completed on-time and within budget
58 Software Management team member responsible for planning and creating alliance with leading ERP software provider
Full development and deployment of strategic alliance for both internal and new partner’s organizations, including key sponsor ship at global sales conferences, with integrated service branding, supporting marketing collateral, educational materials, and revised sales incentives to promote new combined service offering
59 Telecommunications Part of a team assessing returns processes for a $3B wireless service provider, to build business case for optimizing service levels of all returned terminal devices
RESULT: Business case approved by senior leadership for cash flow neutral restructuring of reverse logistics processing for all customer segments and sales channels
60 Telecommunications Negotiated engagement and directed 10-person team to streamline consumer return supply chain for a 20M+ subscriber wireless carrier
RESULT: Rigorous process redesign yielded $30M+ in identified annual savings 
61 Telecommunications Managed strategic sourcing of wireless categories for a $1B European telecom provider
RESULT: 1st wave of categories yielded $25M+ in annual operating expense reductions
62 Telecommunications Executed end-to-end supply chain strategy assessment of terminal equipment for an $8B+ wireless telecom carrier
RESULT: Approval received from supply chain leadership to proceed to implementation to capture $20M+ in identified savings
63 Telecommunications Directed multiple work-streams for the strategic sourcing effort of a $7B local and wireless carrier. Categories included terminal equipment, copper wire and cable, fiber-optic cable, and accessories
RESULT: $90M+ in annual run-rate savings from formal strategic sourcing process
64 Telecommunications Led analysis of existing wireless and wired telecom, cable service offerings, market potential and financial requirements to develop new service and access offerings for $28B+ South American telecom carrier
RESULT: Recommended four specific new offerings specifically for small and medium sized business customers, including ecosystem analysis
65 Telecommunications Devised alternative distribution network strategy and supporting business case for the conversion from a regional to a national supply chain of a Fortune 500 wireless carrier. Managed the integration of five regional supply chains into one national distribution operation
RESULT: $25M+ in facility and operating expense reductions successfully implemented in same fiscal year
66 Telecommunications Piloted the successful outsourcing of EDI procurement, inventory management and order fulfillment for an emerging wireless carrier
Rigorous analyses accepted by supply chain leadership and $150M+ third-party logistics program launched
67 Telecommunications Provided business process support during implementation of PeopleSoft HR
RESULT: Completed configuration and testing tasks related to HRIS reporting requirements on time and within budget
68 Transportation Led strategic sourcing effort of $5M in IT Hardware for the North American region of a global transportation firm
RESULT: $3M (50%+) in annual run-rate savings negotiated using specification rationalization and electronic auction
69 Utilities Interim Procurement Manager for $15B+ electric utility responsible to close 1000+ POs ($40M+) for 3 major field service suppliers
RESULT: Weekly supplier management reporting and facilitated client/vendor meetings successfully closed 30%+ of open POs
70 Utilities Project director for strategic sourcing and implementation effort of $70M+ in goods and services for a regional, employee-owned utility
RESULT: $7M (10%) in annual run-rate savings identified through structured category management methodology
71 Utilities Led strategic sourcing effort of $49M+ in multiple indirect categories for a $1B+ North American waste management firm. Categories included Temp Labor, MRO, Telecom and Engineering Services
RESULT: $6M (12%) in annual run-rate savings identified through formal demand management and supply base consolidation process
72 Utilities Overall program director for procurement transformation for a $26B electric utility. Five workstreams with total of eight staff included: governance, staff competency evaluation, change readiness assessment, Strategic Sourcing training and process/tool development
RESULT: Senior leadership approved recommendations for $7M+ in operations / maintenance and $30M+ in capital savings
73 Utilities Updated training materials and led four week-long procurement training sessions for a $5B+ Midwest energy provider
RESULT: 20 Sourcing and 20 Purchasing staff trained – receiving participant satisfaction scores of 9.2 of 10
74 Utilities Sold and directed three workstreams for the procurement transformation of a $350M outsourcing project for a $3B+ utility. Workstreams included process redesign, implementation of eProcurement tools and strategic sourcing of IT, business equipment, travel, call center services and leased vehicle categories
RESULT: $20M in annual run-rate savings negotiated

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